CAMBRIDGE, MA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/22/11 -- Zapoint, a leader in career management software, today announced it has been selected by Commonwealth Compact to build the first Talent Source database and network geared at increasing the leadership of color, and the visibility of that leadership, within Massachusetts.

Commonwealth Compact is a statewide diversity initiative, which launched in 2008 and is housed at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at University of Massachusetts Boston. Companies, colleges and universities, health care providers and nonprofits are among those invited to sign the Compact and measure their diversity.

Commonwealth Compact has already recruited over 200 organizations including some of the largest employers in Massachusetts. The Talent Source database will be the largest and most advanced technology in the diversity space today.

"Workforce diversity has been a popular focus over the past few decades, but efforts to improve diversity have not been well measured," said Georgianna Meléndez, Co-Director, Commonwealth Compact. "The creation of the Talent Source network will help us to increase the visibility of the leadership of color throughout our organizations, and our communities, especially in senior management and board positions."

"The Talent Source Database will be launching in June this year," continued Meléndez. "We are very excited and eager to help Massachusetts diversify its workforce."

Zapoint will use its SkillsMapper technology to measure Massachusetts' employers and then build a database to evaluate talent across the organizations that have joined the initiative.

"Diversity hiring is critical to the state of Massachusetts," said Christopher Twyman, Founder and CEO of Zapoint. "Our technology will be able to show which organizations are hiring and promoting people of color based on skills, experience and nothing else."

Zapoint SkillsMapper Zapoint SkillsMapper is a talent management software solution that empowers employees via web-based career planning and communication tools, while providing the organization with greater visibility into the skills and knowledge of their workforce.