PHAZAR CORP (Nasdaq: ANTP) announced today that Phazar Antenna Corp., in Mineral Wells, TX, a wholly owned subsidiary, is introducing eleven new DAS antennas at the CTIA show opening on March 22, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, including six new offerings for L-Band frequencies. The range of antennas offering multiple frequencies for 700 MHz, 850 MHz, AWS & PCS bands has also been expanded by an additional five new models. The new antennas will provide DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) “neutral hosts” and carriers more options for covering all of the current frequencies used for mobile communications and 4G performance. When combined with the current 25 models, Phazar Antenna Corp. now offers the broadest and most extensive range of DAS antennas in the industry.

The Dual and Quad antennas will combine antennas covering 698 to 940 MHz and 1710 to 2155 MHz in one single radome in order to satisfy the frequencies that all of the carriers use for mobile communication services. The antennas were designed to be able to be used on utility poles, street lights, monopoles or on building sites to bring the antennas closer to the user and complement the macro-cell sites already established.

L-Band frequencies cover 1525 to 1661 MHz. In the new L-Band line, omni-directional antennas are available in 24" and 48" heights for mounting on street lights and on utility poles. Dual omni-directional antennas can be offered in a single radome to provide an antenna that can support either MIMO or LTE technology for higher capacity site areas.

A 24" Dual-Polarized directional antenna is available in a 65˚ horizontal beam-width for mounting in outdoor stadiums, indoor DAS systems or on monopoles for providing signals in a corridor type application. The Dual-Polarized design can also accommodate MIMO or LTE technology systems, where higher capacity is required.

Special mounting hardware is offered to allow adjustment in 3 axis on utility poles to make sure that the DAS antennas are perpendicular to the horizon for optimum performance. A variety of base adapters have been developed to make sure that the DAS antennas will fit properly on street lights up to 4.7". All cabling for the street light sites is located inside the base of the street light to make the appearance of the antennas aesthetically pleasing. The antennas are also painted any color to match the color of the street light.

The multiple band antennas are available in 96", 48" and 22" heights to accommodate various city ordinances that are applied by urban authorities.

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