Manhattan Edit Workshop (Mewshop), the cutting-edge authorized digital training destination for post-production and content creators, is pleased to announce the return of its wildly popular training workshop, Digital Cinema/DSLR Fundamentals.

From March 25 - 27, 2011, students of all levels can immerse themselves in three unforgettable days of the latest techniques in shooting, accessories, and proven workflow solutions in Digital Cinema and DSLR filmmaking. Mewshop Owner and Founder Josh Apter teams up with certified instructor and production expert Jem Schofield to lead students through hands-on exercises and demonstration in camera setup, shooting and editing with the most popular DSLR models on the market. And with of the release of brand new interchangeable lens camcorders, this year's updated workshop incorporates workflow with Panasonic's highly anticipated AF-100, combining the latest in digital cinema filmmaking with unique DSLR tips and techniques to have students shooting like pros in no time.

"Our Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop is always among our most popular and well received training topics - everyone loves DSLR, it's absolutely one of the hottest tools in filmmaking right now," says Josh Apter, Owner and Founder, Manhattan Edit Workshop. "This year's workshop offers students a chance to work with new and better gear and receive a complete and hands-on education in everything from Pre-to-Post. Students will leave having prepped, shot and edited their own films among DSLR gurus and experts. It's a fantastic three days for anyone looking to delve deeper into DSLR and perfect their craft."

Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop Highlights Mewshop's Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop combines hands-on training with invaluable tips and techniques from camera experts. Topics include: HD-DSLR & Digital Cinema camera overviews and popular models Best shooting practices, shortcomings and workarounds Shooting video like film Double-System audio Camera support systems and "tricking out" your rig Lenses, adapters and how to use them Transcoding and ingesting Editing and output EZ setups and proven workflow techniques