The Oklahoma attorneys of Nix Law Group, PLLC, on behalf of the surviving daughter of Gary and Linda Haas and other family members, filed a lawsuit (Case Number - CV2011-005377) and other legal action today in Maricopa County State Court against Management and Training Corporation (MTC), a Utah-based private prison company, and the State of Arizona/Arizona Department of Corrections (State/ADC) for the wrongful deaths of Gary and Linda Haas. The lawsuit claims that numerous glaring and egregious security errors and omissions of the Defendants MTC and the State/ADC permitted three dangerous inmates to escape the Arizona State Prison in Kingman, Arizona (ASP-Kingman) on July 30, 2010, and led to the gruesome murders of the Oklahoma couple on August 2, 2010.

The family of Gary and Linda Haas filed a lawsuit and other legal action today in Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix, Arizona against MTC, the State/ADC and Dominion Asset Services, L.L.C., the company that built ASP-Kingman, for the wrongful deaths of Gary and Linda Haas. The Law Suit alleges: A Faulty Perimeter Alarm System. MTC cancelled the Alarm Maintenance Contract. Hundreds of Daily False Alarms Ignored and left unchecked. Perimeter alarm system sensors and perimeter flood lights non-operational. Prison Perimeter Unguarded at the time of the Escape. Significant Delay in Notifying Authorities. Untrained and Incompetent MTC personnel. Untrained and Incompetent State Monitors. Failure to Notify Public of Change in Prison Population. Continuing Deficiencies and a History of Contract Non-Compliance.

"The tragic deaths of Gary and Linda Haas were 100% preventable. The State of Arizona and MTC must be held accountable so that no other family suffers such a horrific tragedy as the Haas family has had to endure." said the family's attorney, Glendell Nix, Esq., of Nix Law Group, PLLC. For the full press release click here.


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