Matthew Becker, a seasoned DUI attorney in Sacramento and the Bay Area, is prepared for the aftermath of those who combine too much green beer with a drive home from the bar this St. Patrick's Day. He warns those who find themselves charged with DUI to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

"A good DUI lawyer can help save your license to drive in some cases and can do much to helping you keep your job by keeping you out of the courtroom and coordinating the sentence so it has minimal impact," said Becker. "Many of my clients' bosses never even find out about the arrest."

Everyone uses the roads and wants them to be safe and free of people committing DUI, yet most of us have gotten away with it at some point. For those who some out of St. Patrick's Day decidedly unlucky, damage control is necessary - and the sooner they get on it, the better.

A DUI specialist can help people convicted of DUI:

1)Stay out of court. As long as it is a misdemeanor, people should be able to stay at work instead of having to take time off to go to court.

2)Minimize the loss of license -- Although there is rarely much that can be done to eliminate the 30 day hard-license suspension, a DUI Lawyer is usually able to keep a first-offender down to just 5 months of having a restricted license once the 30-days is over. Without a DUI Attorney, many people end up in traps where it can take many more months, or even years, before they legally get back behind the wheel.

3)Coordinate the timing of the conviction around life events --Saint Patrick's Day DUI arrests can often leave a parent with a hard time getting to a child or nephew's high school or college graduation in the next city over. A skilled DUI lawyer can help make sure that the timing of the punishment comes down at the softest possible time.