HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J., March 16, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (Nasdaq:NYMX) today announced new 2011 positive results from a long term outcome study of NX-1207 for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The study evaluated symptomatic change and treatment status of patients involved in the Company's NX02-0012 and NX02-0013 Phase 1-2 U.S. studies of NX-1207 initially undertaken in 2003. The new data indicates that a significant percentage of patients given a single treatment of NX-1207 have now shown sustained improvement in their symptoms without other treatments for over 7 ½ years.

Patients treated with NX-1207 were followed-up on an unselected and as available basis and assessed for symptomatic improvement, treatment outcomes, and durability of efficacy 7 ½ years after a single treatment with NX-1207. As an inclusion criterion, all subjects enrolled in these studies were previous failures on conventional approved drug treatments. Data was available for 63% of the patients from the initial studies. Overall, 58% of the men in the new outcome study treated with NX-1207 reported no subsequent surgical treatment and no current drug treatment for their BPH, and had an ongoing mean improvement of 11.7 points in AUA BPH Symptom Score 7 ½ years after a single treatment with NX-1207. In addition, 38% of the patients treated with NX-1207 reported no prolonged use of any approved treatments at any time for their BPH since their original treatment with NX-1207, with a mean improvement of 13.7 points. There were no indications of any drug safety issues in any of the patients.

The Company has successfully reported four U.S. clinical trials of NX-1207 and conducted a series of long term follow-up studies of available subjects from those trials in order to monitor and assess long term safety and efficacy of NX-1207 treatment for BPH. The follow-up trials to date have provided further confirmation of the excellent safety and side effect profile of NX-1207 and evidence of enduring benefit for a significant percentage of patients treated with NX-1207.

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