Clean Power Concepts Inc. (‘Clean Power’) (Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board: CPOW) today announced that it has signed a lease agreement for the property and equipment of a oilseed crush plant with Great Plains Oil Exploration (“Great Plains”). The oilseed processing plant is located in Culbertson, Montana.

Mr. Mike Shenher, C.E.O. of Clean Power Concepts, commented on the new agreement:

“Clean Power management is pleased to come to agreement with Great Plains for its Culbertson facility and we look forward to the enhanced production capacity for the crushing of oilseeds as we work continuously to meet demand for our growing list of customers.”

Clean Power Concepts is a producer of Filtered Canola Oil, Canola Feed Meal, Eco-Lubricants, Bio-Chemicals, Additives and renewable fuels. The Company manufactures and markets products under CLEAN POWER ® and MOPO ® brands. More information may be obtained at URL

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