Deltak, an industry leader in online higher education services, has released a white paper discussing recent research on social presence as it relates to student engagement in online learning programs.

The paper goes on to discuss trends and emerging learning technologies being developed and employed by Deltak and its partner schools aimed at addressing the topic of social presence in order to improve the overall online student experience.

"Online education is expanding rapidly," said Rob Schnieders, Chief Learning Officer at Deltak. "Over 30% of students took at least one online course in 2009, and it's expected that this number will grow to 50% in 2014. The next chapter of online education will be all about demonstrating efficacy and impact. The real question now should be, 'How do we make online learning great?' By leveraging new technologies and instructional techniques we can ensure that online education yields outstanding learning outcomes."

Schnieders' white paper is titled, "The Evolution of Online Learning: Incorporating and Building Social Presence to Create Engaging Online Learning Experiences." The second in a series of white papers focused on emerging technologies and innovation in online learning, this paper discusses research on the topic of social presence and introduces technologies Deltak and its partner schools are employing to create more engaging learning experiences for online students.

Please visit to download the white paper.

Deltak will be exhibiting at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Conference in Seattle, Washington, March 13-16, 2011.. Please visit booth 150 to find out more about Deltak and to pick up a copy of the white paper.

Deltak has been providing services to its higher education partners for over twelve years. Partners benefit from Deltak's expertise in online degree market evaluation, operational management, marketing, student recruitment, student retention services, and online course development. Through collaborative partnerships Deltak has helped a significant number of colleges and universities to expand the reach of their doctoral, masters and bachelor degree programs, bringing the unique mission of each partner institution to new audiences and increasing both student population and revenue.

About Deltak edu, Inc. Deltak collaborates with its partners to develop innovative solutions that extend their educational offerings and alumni services beyond the traditional campus and strategically maximize enrollment and revenue. Deltak provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to its partners which include: collaboration with faculty in the development of online programs; implementation of integrated admissions processes; industry-leading marketing strategies proven to reach prospective students; personalized student services to positively impact persistence and graduation rates; and alumni services that reinforce the mission of each partner. Together, Deltak and its partners innovate to succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic higher education market - in ways consistent with each partner's mission. For additional information about Deltak, visit


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