Evacuees from radiation leaking from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant rest at a shelter in Fukushima, Japan on Tuesday.

Japanese officials warned that a critical reactor container at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant has been damaged, increasing the risk of radiation leaks.

"The level of radiation seems very high, and there is still a very high risk of more radiation coming out," Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a brief address to the nation, The Wall Street Journal reported. "We will do our utmost to prevent further spreading of radiation leaks. I sincerely urge everyone in the nation to act calmly."

Japan ordered the 140,000 people living within 19 miles of the Dai-ichi plant to remain indoors Tuesday, AP said.

"Please do not go outside. Please stay indoors. Please close windows and make your homes airtight," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told residents in the danger zone," AP reported.

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