7 Resume Tips for Older Workers

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- While it's true a smaller percentage of older workers are unemployed compared with young people, the ones who do find themselves out of work may have a harder time finding another position. The problem is twofold, says Ken Budd, the executive editor of AARP The Magazine.

Older workers tend to require higher salaries -- thanks to a career's worth of experience -- than younger workers who are relatively new to the job force, but they're also faced with a job market and skill set that has evolved dramatically during the past few years.

Older workers have a new set of rules to learn when it comes to resume writing and jobseeking.

"The game has changed," Budd said, explaining that older workers don't necessarily need to take a different approach to their job search than their younger counterparts. They just need to acquaint themselves with the rules that have emerged post-recession:

Relevancy trumps age
The biggest question boomers may have when they set out to revamp their resumes is whether they should try to mask their age. The answer, according to our experts, is a bit nuanced.

Boomers shouldn't necessarily downplay their age, but should focus on the skills that matter for the position for which they are applying, according to Carrie Krueger, a job search specialist who runs the Jobfully.com blog. It's a tactic she suggests for younger demographics as well, and it has nothing to do with age.

Of course, when you write a resume with that in mind, your age almost organically starts to take a back seat. Consider, for instance, the fact that you don't have to include the dates in which you got your college degree to communicate the more important fact: You have one.

"Your age is not relevant to what you can do," Krueger explains. "Employers are ultimately going to hire the person they feel is best able to solve problems and drive value."

Use an achievement-based resume
To show how they are the best person for the job, boomers who still have a traditional chronological resume should consider switching over to the more modern achievement-based or topical one. While a chronological resume may be a good option for a younger job-seeker, it can make it difficult for a boomer, who has 25-plus years of experience, to convince employers they are on top of current trends.

Budd explains that this is because many employers sometimes default to the idea that "success trumps experience."

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