Nicolas Cage
That Nicolas Cage hasn't declared bankruptcy yet is nothing shy of amazing. The Leaving Las Vegas Oscar winner and National Treasure star's films have grossed more than $4 billion, but he has been forced to take just about every role thrown at him after a series of spending missteps.

In 2009, the IRS filed a put a lien on some of Cage's property in Louisiana and said cage owed them roughly $6 million for purchases made in 2007. They weren't talking about weekend splurges at Harrod's, mind you, but a $15.7 million mansion in Rhode Island, the $8 million-plus Milford Castle in Bath, England, and a five-year, $7,700-a-month lease on a 1964 Rolls Royce SC III and a $3,600-a-month lease on a 2002 Rolls Royce Corniche. The burden forced him to sell two $3.5 million homes in New Orleans back to the bank for $4.5 million, an $8.5 million home in Las Vegas for $5 million, a $9.5 million Manhattan apartment for $7.5 million and -- most crushing -- a Bel-Air Tudor mansion he'd listed for $35 million for $10.5 million after it went into foreclosure.

Meanwhile, he's also listed a $1.7 million home in Newport Beach, Calif., for less than $1 million and that $15.7 million Rhode Island home for $7.8 million. Cage sued his business manager for $20 million in 2009, which only led the manager in question to countersue, saying that he told Cage to spend within his means but couldn't stop him from buying $33 million in homes, 22 cars, 47 pieces of artwork and a $276,000 skull of a Tarbosaurus dinosaur.

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