Aaron Regent, Barrick Gold CEO

Barrick Gold ( ABX) CEO Aaron Regent: "Absolutely, I think if anything, what's happened in the last couple of years, gold has continued to reassert itself in global monetary affairs. You're seeing serious economists, like the head of the World Bank, for example, talk about gold within the context of an independent measurement of the value of currencies and a measurement of what's happened with inflation or deflation in different countries. You're seeing central banks who have gone from being net sellers of gold in the last 20 years to now, in the last two years, they've been net purchasers of gold.

JPMorgan ( JPM) announced gold can be used as collateral, so you're really seeing gold reassert itself back into the fold as a global monetary asset. I think there was a period of time where it was being viewed as a barbarous relic, but I think the psychology around gold and the interest in gold has changed dramatically.

Most recently, it was just announced a couple of days ago that the Chinese again have bought 300 tons of gold, and you can also see gold within countries like India and China ramp up gold demand and it is growing quite rapidly. So I think gold is being recognized as a monetary asset, and is a great store of value, and so as a result, its appeal as an investment has increased quite significantly, and I think that will continue."

Northern Dynasty ( NAK) CEO Ron Thiessen: "I do. I mean currently we've got a lot of sovereign credit issues with governments and fiat money, so people are looking for stable other forms of wealth. Right now, paper money isn't that stable; the exchange rates are very volatile; there's a great deal of impetus for countries to reduce the value of their currency so they can maintain their competitiveness ... so you've got volatile paper currencies and gold is the most."

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