Over the last three months, the stock has been red-hot. Shares of Camtek have nearly doubled during that time as investors gained confidence in the company and its potential. Will that trend continue?

In the last quarter, Camtek missed analyst estimates for earnings by 2 cents a share. For 2011, Wall Street is expecting the company to make 43 cents per share. At current prices, shares trade for just 9 times that number.

That is way too cheap for a growth stock like this and is indicative of a market unwilling to take risk. That mentality is slowly beginning to change. Perhaps that explains the sharp move in Camtek during the last quarter.

I think there's more to come. If this company makes a dollar per share and trades at 10 times that number, you get a $10 stock. That may be a bit simplistic, but earning a dollar per share is not only realistic -- it is a probable outcome. The odds favor taking risk at this point with Camtek.

Jones Soda

If you like low priced stocks trading for less than $5 Jones Soda ( JSDA) may be just for you. The stock of this specialty soft drink maker trades for just $1.37 per share. With a market cap of only $40 million, the company pales in size compared to Coca-Cola ( KO).

After trading well below a buck a share, Jones Soda took off last year thanks in part to a deal to distribute its product at Wal-Mart ( KO). Shares jumped to current levels as investors anticipated strong results from the partnership.

The current value of the company is based entirely on the brand. Jones Soda is losing money, and its long promise of being a niche player in the industry has failed to materialize. Certainly the company has its fans, but for the most part its drinks have failed to capture the imagination of the buying public.

What Jones Soda needs is its Snapple moment. That little brand was an upstart before self-proclaimed King of Media Howard Stern promoted the product. Should a similar spark be found for Jones Soda, the sky is indeed the limit.

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