CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV) and Graphene Laboratories Inc. now offer commercial CVDGraphene™ research starter materials and customization services for transparent and conductive CVD grown Graphene films that we transfer onto a wide variety of substrates such as insulating silicon dioxide, plastic, and glass. These materials and services should accelerate the development of novel Graphene enabled products that are compatible with standard semiconductor processing. CVD Equipment Corporation manufactures CVD grown Graphene materials in its Application Laboratory. The transfer of Graphene onto a variety of standard and customer supplied substrates is performed jointly with Graphene Laboratories Inc. who directly markets the products and services worldwide using CVD Equipment Corporation’s CVDGraphene™ trademark.

Since our first commercial offering of truly two dimensional CVDGraphene™ materials in 2 nd quarter 2010, our CVDGraphene™ material has been supplied to several hundred researchers worldwide. Interest in Graphene materials was further enhanced by the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics in October, 2010 for the discovery and isolation of Graphene. By offering a Graphene transfer service onto customer specified materials we will further fulfill the strong demand by academic and industrial researchers for our CVDGraphene™ products and services.

This transfer service will enable us to better support customers working on tomorrow’s Graphene based product launches in the electronic, solar, bio and medical fields. Single layer Graphene films on an insulator like silicon dioxide are a perfect starting material for developing Graphene-based transistors, NEMS and MEMS, and sensors. Transparent Graphene films on glass and plastics are of interest to developers of touch-screen displays, flexible electronics and solar cells.

“We have learned through interaction with our customers, that CVD grown Graphene is the only method thus far that yields high quality large-scale Graphene coatings. Many of our clients need Graphene films transferred onto an insulator and have asked for its availability. Now we can offer CVD grown Graphene transferred onto a wide variety of standard and custom substrates.” stated Dr. Elena Polyakova, President and CEO of Graphene Laboratories, Inc. In addition to offering off-the-shelf products, we also offer contract process development and customized Graphene products. We are confident that these new transfer products will also be very well accepted.”

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