NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It doesn't take a home-run idea to become a successful entrepreneur, even if you are just a few years out of college.

The explosively popular social media networks Foursquare, LivingSocial and Facebook were all founded by people under 30.

"It's about simple tried-and-true businesses," says Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneurship Council, which he started in October.

It doesn't take a home-run idea to become a successful young entrepreneur. But there are still rules.

"Everybody and their mother think they've got this great idea for the next Groupon or some widget that's going to be another billion-dollar innovation. I don't think that anybody who is rational in this economy should say that. I think we have to produce simple, unoriginal, unsexy, practical businesses," he says.

Start-up business owners at any age are sure to run up against challenges, but young entrepreneurs are even more likely to get shut out -- from a lack of credibility, a lack of start-up finances or little "resource allocation," Gerber says.

That being said, these days, with unemployment still above 9%, starting a business may be the only viable option for college grads, and with game-changing technology and Web applications, more young entrepreneurs can easily start a business.

"Today there are more reasons we can get into business and make it more about selling than us trying to have this massive infrastructure of old that some businesses used to have," Gerber says. "There are a lot fewer barriers to entry than there used to be even five years ago, and that is only going to increase as technology advances even further."

Gerber, 27, is the CEO of Gerber Enterprises, a brand development and management company that invests and assists early to midstage companies in the entertainment, Internet, media and marketing industries. Gerber is also the author of Never Get A 'Real' Job and the founder of Sizzle It!, a promotional video company for marketing purposes.

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