Such statements are subject to uncertainties that could cause Telecom’s actual results and operations to differ materially. Such uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the effects of the public emergency law or complementary regulation, the effects of ongoing industry and economic regulation, possible changes in demand for Telecom products and services, and the effects of more general factors such as changes in general market or economic conditions, in legislation, or in regulation.

Our press release dated February 21, 2011, a copy of which is being included in a Form 6-K report to be furnished to the SEC, describes certain factors that may affect any forward-looking statements that we may produce during this session. Furthermore, we urge the audience of this conference call to read the disclaimer clause contained in slide one of the presentation.

As usual in our quarterly conference calls, the agenda for today, as seen in slide two of the presentation, is to go over general market overview, then we’ll go over through some business highlights, and after that we’ll go over some specifics of the evolution of our financial figures, and we will end the call with our traditional Q&A session.

I’ll go over the brief market overview as an introduction to the general operating environment. In slide three, we include some snapshots of the current Argentina macroeconomic environment. You can note that a strong economic recovery helped Argentina to regain pre-crisis levels of growth, with a better global economic context, with low interest rates, rising commodity prices and a higher interest in emerging markets coming from the investor community. The agricultural and industrial sectors were the main drivers of growth.

Strong commodity prices and a better harvest from last year helped the agricultural sector, while an outstanding performance of the auto industry lifted the overall industrial production. It’s worth mentioning that investments in key sectors are needed to maintain the current high levels of growth and release the economy from infrastructure and supply bottlenecks.

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