MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS - McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) today announced that it will provide a mobile security application for French SFR customers. The service, called “SFR Sécurité Mobile,” offers users the ability to protect their mobile lifestyle in the event their phone is stolen.

The features offered allow SFR customers to:
  • Preserve important memories and personal data, such as text messages, photos and videos, with remote backup, even from a lost or misplaced phone
  • Find their missing phone with alarm and location tracking, which activated remotely and displayed on a map
  • Prevent misuse with remote lock and wipe technology

People today are 15 times more likely to lose their phones than their laptop. Device and data loss are currently the most worrisome and likely security incidents that consumer mobile users face today. Consumers store personal data like pictures, videos, contacts and personal financial information on their mobile devices. Losing a mobile device not only means losing the data stored on the phone, but also losing the ability to communicate.

“We are excited to work with SFR Sécurité Mobile to bring this unique service to mobile operators in France,” said Todd Gebhart, McAfee executive vice president and general manager, Consumer, Mobile & Small Business at McAfee. “The offering will have the ability to remotely lock, locate, back-up, wipe and restore the user’s data, giving SFR customers the ability to safeguard the data on their phone in the event that it is lost or stolen.”

“In this all-digital world our customers should be able to enjoy the best mobile services with complete confidence,” said Patrick Asdaghi, vice president, Products & Content at SFR. “Our partnership with McAfee allows everyone to safeguard their personal data on their smartphone.”

SFR Sécurité Mobile is currently available for BlackBerry, Android and Symbian OS phones. The service is available in three different options, with the first available as a free download to protect just the contacts on the phone. The second option includes the full SFR Securite Mobile solution priced at €1 for the first two months and then €2 each month thereafter. This version provides users with protection of the user’s content that resides on the device, including contacts, photos, videos, SMS and calendars. Thirdly, users can add on additional functions, such as apps to help with setting up conference calls and using Meeting Place, for €5 a month. Consumers interested in the SFR Sécurité Mobile can access the service at:

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