Ditech Networks (NASDAQ:DITC), announced today that it has released a new high definition voice solution for cable, mobile and VoIP network operators. Carriers using Ditech’s Virtual HD Voice solution can now offer virtual HD voice services to their entire customer base, even those who have not yet upgraded to HD enabled handsets.

“Cable, mobile and VoIP carriers are all looking to deliver HD Voice services to their customers,” said Todd Simpson, President and CEO of Ditech Networks. “There is a major challenge faced by carriers wanting to deliver HD voice; they need to both upgrade their networks to support Wide Band HD codecs and they need the handsets used on their networks to be upgraded to support HD voice. Ditech’s HD Virtual Voice solution enables carriers to offer a near HD voice experience today, even while their end-users are still using non-HD voice supported handsets.”

HD Voice delivers a higher quality voice transmission by extending the frequency of range of traditional or narrowband voice calls (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). This expansion results in increased clarity and an overall better audio experience. Even when networks are upgraded to support HD voice, a call between an HD enabled handset and a regular handset would still sound like a non-HD call. Ditech’s HD Virtual Voice solution addresses this, delivering near HD voice quality even when the call involves a non-HD handset(s).

Ditech’s new HD Virtual Voice solution utilizes bandwidth expansion and warping to enhance transcoding between a Wide Band (WB) codec and a Narrow Band (NB) codec, while preserving the audio quality of Wide Band stream in the Narrow Band stream. A network upgrade with Ditech’s HD Virtual Voice solution takes about an hour. Carriers are invited to email sales@ditechnetworks.com to request a demonstration.

About Ditech Networks

Ditech Networks is revolutionizing modern communications with advanced voice processing solutions and voice applications that offer network and speech quality enhancement, voice call control, speech-powered web access, voice-to-text services, and more. Ditech believes in the power and simplicity of human speech. Its technology is designed to deliver compelling voice capabilities to emerging forms of communication like social networking and text messaging, allowing consumers to use voice in ways that make sense in today’s Web 2.0-savvy world.

Leveraging over 20 years of deployments with communications providers around the world, Ditech offers unique, effective products and services that put the subscriber’s experience first, assisting carriers with revenue generation, service differentiation, network expansion and call capacity. Ditech’s customers include Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Orascom Telecom, AT&T, China Unicom, Global Crossing, and West Corporation. Ditech Networks is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit  www.ditechnetworks.com.

Forward Looking Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding Ditech Networks’ expectations, benefits and capabilities it expects from its Virtual HD Voice solution. Actual results and benefits may differ materially as a result of a variety of factors, including: certain unforeseen real world factors may limit the subjective benefits of the technology; the algorithm may not interoperate with certain handsets and network elements; or for other unanticipated reasons. Further risks inherent in Ditech Networks’ business are detailed in the section entitled "Future Growth and Operating Results Subject to Risk" in Ditech Networks' Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended October 31, 2010 (filed December 8, 2010 with the Securities and Exchange Commission).

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