In western Pennsylvania, the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) of Pittsburgh is quietly managing a $55 billion wholesale bank exclusively online with a secure network strengthened and automated with BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC).

FHLBank Pittsburgh’s network of 150 Unix servers drives online transactions through 314 member financial institutions in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

“Every transaction occurs electronically,” said Bob Pfau, manager of FHLBank Pittsburgh systems and networks. “Every time we advance a loan or move money, we’re doing it through our computer systems.”

To keep funds flowing, the bank relies on BMC Software to keep systems up to date with the latest functional and security patches needed to maintain a stable, reliable IT environment.

The BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite automates a formerly manual patch management system for the company’s UNIX servers that house its critical Oracle® databases. Using BladeLogic, the staff deploys patches automatically, generates reports to validate compliance and configuration policies and extends developer access to production data without compromising segregation-of-duties guidelines. The ability to patch and generate reports for audits sets the BladeLogic software apart from other solutions considered.

FHLBank Pittsburgh also uses the BMC BladeLogic Reporting and Analytics Manager feature for centralized reporting and analysis to demonstrate to the bank’s management and auditors that servers are up to date.

BMC BladeLogic also helps FHLBank Pittsburgh provide developers with controlled and monitored access to production servers and information that might otherwise be restricted by compliance measures tied to segregation of duties. Before the BladeLogic solution was used, these restrictions interfered with troubleshooting and problem solving.

“Now the developers can log in on their own and access the data they need instantly,” said Jay Lin, FHLBank Pittsburgh senior server engineer. “They don’t have to wait around for us to copy it for them, and we don’t have to interrupt what we are doing to take care of getting the data to them.”

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