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The other beneficiaries of the device are companies providing components for the phone itself, most notably Qualcomm, which ousted Infineon ( IFX) as the Verizon iPhone chip supplier and has seen a bunch of analyst upgrades in recent weeks.

"Qualcomm is a beneficiary, for sure," said Gleacher's McKechnie. "The CDMA version is Qualcomm's first chip within the iPhone -- we are estimating about $12 of chip content for Qualcomm on this iPhone."

"It's a big win for Qualcomm -- it's a potential solid slot for them moving forward," added Francis Sideco, principal analyst at tech research firm iSuppli. "For Qualcomm, obviously, the more volume, the better."

Analysts have already predicted that Verizon will sell around 11 million iPhones this year, a figure that may prove conservative if recent iPhone sales at AT&T ( T) are anything to go by.

The Verizon iPhone could also provide a springboard for Qualcomm into foreign markets. The chipmaker is providing Verizon with a 3G wireless chip for EV-DO, potentially opening up overseas opportunities. EV-DO, which stands for Evolution-Data Optimized, is an advanced form of CDMA that is used in fast-growing telecom markets such as China.

"There's probably 200 million CDMA/EV-DO phones sold a year across the world, so Verizon is not the only EV-DO market that is opening up," said Gleacher's McKechnie. "There's service provider KDDI over in Japan, we have China Telecom in China, and we have some Indian and Korean markets that are running the CDMA/EV-DO technology."

An early tear-down of the Verizon iPhone by iFixit reveals that most of the components remain the same from the iPhone 4, although the TriQuint ( TQNT) chip is absent and Avago Technologies ( AVGO) now provides a chip within the device.

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