LAS VEGAS (TheStreet) -- The holiday of hearts is just around the corner, and with it comes thoughts of champagne, oysters, chocolate and other foods of love!

One you might not think of though is blowfish. Long believed by the Japanese to be an aphrodisiac, blowfish is the most dangerous of the aphrodisiac foods. It is actually that danger, more than nutritional content, that is believed to be the reason behind this ugly little fish's ardor-inducing properties. Although licensed chefs take great pains to remove the mortally toxic parts of the fish, they are only human, and even the tiniest slip-up during preparation can have deadly results. It is the adrenaline released during this culinary dance with death that is the true aphrodisiac.

If you're thinking of taking your Valentine to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, you might want to steer away from the riskiness of the blowfish and try something a little more fun and entertaining. TravelsinTaste has compiled a list of places where you can safely indulge in some delicious foods of love:

Chicago's Seasons 52 offers award-winning, bite-sized desserts it calls "mini indulgences" -- one aphrodisiac option this Valentine's Day.

At EN Japanese Brasserie in New York, Chef Abe Hiroki will be serving a seven-course Valentine's Day kaiseki menu. Guests will enjoy dishes such as kaisen shabu shabu, an array of Japanese seafood and vegetables valentines can prepare for one another, and hana sashimi, an array of local and imported Japanese fish designed to look like flowers in traditional ikebana arrangements. Additionally, sake sommelier Takahiro Okada has put a together a selection of sparkling sakes to complement the festive menu as well as a sake pairing option.

Tocqueville, in the heart of Union Square, is serving up some traditional Valentine's treats in a truly decadent fashion. Its shellfish platter includes the ultimate aphrodisiac, the oyster, as well as sashimi of sweet Maine shrimp and uni, live Taylor bay scallops, oyster and caviar, Scottish langoustine and stone crab salad remoulade.

And what would a Valentine's Day be without the nectar of Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself? For thousands of years, honey has been touted as a potent aphrodisiac, and Tocqueville is serving it in its honey-glazed Peking duck breast and leg terrine with house-cured duck bacon, greenmarket cabbage and cassis.

For dessert, a dose of chocolate is in order. In addition to multiple other options, there is to be a decadent chocolate tasting plate with chocolate and hazelnut ganache, bittersweet chocolate tort, flourless chocolate souffle and chocolate sorbet.

In Chicago, Seasons 52speaks the language of love with its signature "mini indulgences" -- award-winning, bite-sized masterpieces of unforgettable desserts, including mocha macchiato, chocolate peanut butter mousse and, especially for Valentine's Day, red velvet cake. In addition to the mini indulgences, diners can share and enjoy Seasons 52's fresh and seasonally inspired menu items. One highlight is another little-known aphrodisiac food, the asparagus.

Filled with potassium and vitamin A, this aphrodisiac helps in the production of the hormone known for increasing the libido. Seasons 52's caramelized sea scallops, grilled and served with sun-dried tomato pearl pasta and roasted asparagus, might just be the perfect dish for an amorous Valentine's evening. The best part? No dish is more than 475 calories -- so not only are you eating delicious food that's healthy, but you won't have to hit the gym the next day.

In Las Vegas, the land of indulgence, there are many opulent options. At Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro in the Palazzo ( LVS - Get Report), Executive Chef J.L. Carrera has created the ultimate aphrodisiac dish: truffle tagliatelle. This delectable dish features a bounty of shrimp served with pasta and is heavy on the truffle.

Continuing with the romance theme, Carrera is also featuring heart-shaped ravioli packed with ricotta and spinach. While Jamie Mendoza is seductively using the asparagus at Todd English's Olives in the Bellagio ( MGM - Get Report) in his Olives surf and turf, which includes peppercorn crusted prime beef tenderloin, butter-poached Maine lobster tail, dijon mustard demi glaze, champagne hollandaise and the aphrodisiac itself. His dessert is no less sumptuous. Called "Love Letters," it includes warm vanilla bean crepes, chocolate mousse and peanut butter cream.

Now that you have some "food of love" options, go out and celebrate -- and happy Valentine's to all!

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