iGo, Inc. (Nasdaq: IGOI), a leading provider of eco-friendly power management solutions and mobile electronic device accessories, has been awarded Great Britain Patent Nos. GB2469003 and GB2471030, the first two patents the company has been awarded in the United Kingdom related to its unique, power-saving iGo Green technology.

The first two Great Britain Patents relate specifically to the use of iGo Green technology as a primary side controller in a laptop power adapter. A power adapter using iGo Green technology recognizes when a device does not require power and automatically shuts itself off, thus reducing the power draw to ultra-low levels. When the device needs power again, the power adapter turns itself on, automatically.

“We are very pleased to begin the process of extending our patent protection for iGo Green technology to international markets,” said Michael D. Heil, President and Chief Executive Officer of iGo, Inc. “In addition to these two Great Britain Patents, we currently have a total of approximately 25 patents pending in various countries around the world relating to iGo Green technology.”

About iGo, Inc.

iGo, Inc. offers a full line of innovative accessories for almost every mobile electronic device on the market. Whether a consumer wants to power, protect, listen to, share, cool, hold or connect to their device, iGo has the accessories they need. iGo is also a leader in developing eco-friendly power solutions based on its patented iGo Green® technology, which automatically reduces the wasteful and expensive standby, or “vampire,” power consumed by electronic devices.

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