ETF Securities USA LLC (ETFS) announced today that the newly launched ETFS Asian Gold Trust (AGOL) Exchange Traded Product (ETP) has gathered $50M in AUM.
  • AGOL is designed for investors who want a cost-effective (1) and convenient way to invest in gold held outside of the United States or Europe. The gold bars are allocated and held in a secure vault in Singapore.
  • Investors have further choice in gold holdings and can now diversify from gold epicenters like London and the U.S. into Asia using AGOL or into Switzerland using existing SGOL. Both offered at 0.39%. (1)
  • Singapore is the gateway to Asia, and like Switzerland, is widely considered a neutral country. Singapore welcomes free market trade and is a country that is poised for tremendous growth and free of sovereign debt (2) concerns.
  • ETFS’ Physical Asian Gold Shares ETP is the first U.S. precious metals product to be vaulted in Asia.
  • With AGOL, ETFS now offers seven precious metal ETPs in the U.S. – solidifying our position as market leader in issuance of physically-backed precious metal ETPs.
  • Each vault is audited bi-annually and the bar numbers of all the metal holdings are listed on the ETF Securities website, providing investors with insurance that they are, in fact, purchasing the underlying physical metal.

Commenting on this milestone for ETF Securities in the US, Fred Jheon, Head of Product & Business Development for ETFS Marketing LLC, commented:

“We are delighted with the immediate success of AGOL and look forward to broader investor adoption of our physically-backed precious metal products.”

For more information please contact the US marketing agent, ETFS Marketing on 212-918-4954 or visit our website:

ETF Securities is the first US ETF Sponsor to provide investors with access to a full suite of precious metal ETPs. Investors can now trade physically backed Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Precious Metals Basket and White Metals Basket ETPs from the same provider.