HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 31, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sky-mobi Limited (Nasdaq:MOBI) ("Sky-mobi" or the "Company"), the leading mobile application store in China, today announced that the Company and Tencent, one of China's most popular Internet portals, have formed a strategic partnership. This strategic partnership is to promote Tencent's QQ Mobile Browser on Sky-mobi's Maopao application store and make Sky-mobi a preferred partner for a series of Tencent's mobile software, including mobile security software and Tencent miniblog.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement between the two companies, Tencent will pay Sky-mobi a commission for each of its users that become an active Tencent QQ Mobile Browser user. Sky-mobi estimates that this partnership will make a meaningful contribution to its top- and bottom-line results in the quarters ahead, driven by Sky-mobi's large user base and access to the Maopao application store.

"The collaboration we have announced today represents another step in establishing Maopao as the leading application store in China," commented Michael Song, Chairman and CEO of Sky-Mobi. "Our large user base will have access to Tencent's QQ browser, which adds to the range of fun and useful Tencent services available on Maopao. In return, Tencent will have the opportunity to introduce its services to mobile phone users across China. We look forward to a successful collaboration for both parties."

Sky-mobi's Maopao store is accessed by hundreds of millions of Chinese mobile phone users and includes a variety of utilities, games and entertainment options. Sky-mobi collaborates with mobile service providers and handset vendors who pre-install the Sky-mobi's Maopao platform on their mobile phones. The Maopao store offers a large number of applications and content titles that extends the usability of low-to-mid range mobile phones, or feature phones, by giving them many of the capabilities of more expensive smart phones, with such features as leading-edge user interfaces and Internet access. The partnership with Tencent is another important step in extending the range of applications available to Maopao users to make their phones smarter.