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Technology exists today that is capable of detecting breast cancer up to three years earlier than current mammogram technology, Manhattan Scientifics (OTCBB:MHTX) Founder Marvin Maslow and nuclear physicist Edward R. Flynn, PhD said in a recent Bloomberg Radio interview. The work of Dr. Flynn, who is a principal developer of the Magnetic Relaxometry technology that enables early cancer detection, has been funded by Phase II Small Business Innovative Research grants from the NIH, and has been exclusively licensed to Manhattan Scientifics.

Flynn’s technology is a non-radiation diagnostic that uses magnetic, nano-sized breast cancer targeting antibodies which bind only to cancer, and can detect and localize a tumor with significantly fewer breast cancer cells.

"It takes 50,000 cells using our technology (Magnetic Relaxometry) for us to see a tumor. It takes 100 million cells before a mammogram sees it," commented Dr. Flynn. "That's why we can detect a breast cancer tumor up to three years before a mammogram can."

Dr. Flynn added that the technology is based on the use of sophisticated magnetic field sensors to measure extremely small magnetic fields emitted by magnetic nanoparticles attached to known breast cancer antibodies that bind only to breast cancer cells. "Essentially a "magnetic moment" is created, yielding high contrast images of tumors compared to normal cells," said Flynn. "With this biomagnetic imaging technique, it is possible to identify and image small clusters of cancer cells, providing the ability to find cancer at a substantially earlier stage than is presently possible and without using radiation."

According to Marvin Maslow, nanotechnology, and the emerging field of nanomedicine, promise to change how—and when—we can detect many different cancers.

"This biomagnetic sensor method is applicable to breast, ovarian, leukemia, prostate and potentially other cancers," he commented.

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Manhattan Scientifics Inc. ( is a technology transfer and commercialization firm focused on disruptive technologies in the nanotechnology and nanomedicine space. Manhattan Scientifics is presently developing commercial medical prosthetics applications for its ultra fine grain metals, and plans to commercialize the cancer research work developed by Edward R. Flynn, PhD and Senior Scientific, LLC. The company is located in New Mexico, New York and Montreal.

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