Instinet Incorporated, a global leader in electronic trading and agency-only brokerage services, today announced that its Instinet Canada Limited subsidiary has recently completed the full rollout of its next-generation electronic trading platform in Canada. The offering now includes a U.S./Canadian inter-listed smart order router, the Execution Experts(TM) suite of algorithms with full inter-listed capabilities and Instinet’s award-winning Newport 3 EMS, which includes significantly enhanced Canadian and global trading capabilities. This all follows the recent hiring of three highly experienced electronic trading professionals in Canada.

“The Canadian equity markets have rapidly evolved over the last several years and today demand sophisticated trading technologies on par with those required in other leading global markets,” said Jonathan Kellner, President of the Americas at Instinet. “I am excited that we are now able to deliver a version of our global trading platform with full inter-listed capabilities to the Canadian marketplace and believe we have set a new standard for trading solutions in Canada.”

Among the enhancements Instinet has made to its Canadian platform is the rollout of its next-generation, event-driven algorithmic trading strategies – the Execution Experts. In Canada, the Experts suite is comprised of a range of benchmark, participation and liquidity sourcing strategies. In addition, all of the Experts leverage Instinet’s recently-launched inter-listed smart order router, which will simultaneously work an order on both Canadian and U.S. exchanges, displayed ATSs/ECNs and dark pools to find the optimal execution price based on real-time foreign exchange rates, allowing for single currency settlement.

“Inter-listed routing functionality gives clients access to the full liquidity and price benefits provided by all markets on which Canadian securities trade, and is crucial for obtaining best execution in an inter-listed security,” said Alison Crosthwait, Director, Global Trading Research at Instinet.

Instinet has also continued to enhance the Canadian trading capabilities of Newport 3, Instinet’s multi-asset, broker-neutral execution management system. Through it, users are able to access Instinet’s entire global product portfolio, as well as dozens of other brokers’ offerings. In the second half of 2010, Instinet added direct access to nine Canadian broker’s full algorithmic trading suites via Newport 3, bringing the total number in Canada to more than 20.