ProcureStaff Technologies President, Allen Rittscher and Senior Procurement Manager, Vicki Ressler will be facilitating a round table discussing the benefits of successful inter-department collaboration at the 2011 ProcureCon event in Atlanta, GA, February 1–3. The round table session, titled "Procurement’s Changing Working Relationship with IT," focuses on how IT and Procurement can substantially benefit their organizations by working more cohesively together when acquiring IT SOW services.

"Traditionally, IT always believed they had the knowledge of requirements, and Procurement was to focus on the terms of the engagement," said Rittscher. "Now, new demands on the business are changing that relationship. Companies need to recognize the collective strengths as a team in order to create “management best practices” and a more efficiently run environment. In our round table session, Vicki and I will share how ProcureStaff’s IT department has started involving Procurement much earlier in the process of searching for IT services, and how that has helped us tremendously. We have used technology (our Consol VMS) to aid us in this early collaboration. We look forward to hearing from our peers about their successes in this area, and what their critical success factors have been."

Continuing with the theme of how to successfully build and expand a procurement program, Mario Perez Castillo, Purchases Group Manager at P&G,a long term client of ProcureStaff Technologies, will be speaking at the conference about the P&G’s successful contracted labor program (managed through the Consol Vendor Management System). He will review how technology aided him in expanding his program to successfully include IT SOW spend, and what the future holds for additional expansion plans to other services.

The whole industry is talking about how Procurement executives can enhance the value they provide their companies by expanding the reach of their expertise. Including “other services spend” such as IT Statement of Work, Marketing, Legal Services, Facilities, etc. in an efficiently run procurement program translates into more cost savings, more quality, and more value to shareholders.

About ProcureStaff Technologies

ProcureStaff Technologies, a subsidiary of Volt Information Sciences, Inc., provides Consol, a specialized software application to streamline and manage services procurement, including temporary staffing, project work, consultants, and other corporate services. Consol enables greater efficiency throughout the entire procurement lifecycle, including supplier management, sourcing, spend management, business intelligence, invoicing, reconciliation and payment for enterprise clients. ProcureStaff Technologies’ industry leading Vendor Management System (VMS), Consol, serves as the technical basis for services procurement programs at Global 1000 organizations.


About ProcureCon for Corporate Sourcing

ProcureCon for Corporate Sourcing, the leading CPO conference, being held February 1-3, 2011 in Atlanta, is designed to meet all of your current concerns and challenges in managing corporate procurement strategically. The event features no fewer than 42 procurement practitioner executives and 16 advisors as members of the speaker faculty.


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