Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO) announced today that it has received tenders and consents for $100,783,000 of its 8 7/8% Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013 (the “Notes”) as of January 24, 2011 (the “Consent Date”), representing approximately 80.72% of the Notes outstanding. The percentage of consents received exceeds the required consents needed to amend the indenture governing the Notes.

The Notes were tendered by the holders thereof pursuant to the Company’s Offer to Purchase and Consent Solicitation Statement (the “Offer to Purchase”) dated January 10, 2011. The Offer to Purchase fully describes the terms and conditions of the cash tender offer (the “Tender Offer”) by the Company to purchase any and all of the $124,855,000 outstanding principal amount of the Notes. It also describes the terms and conditions of the solicitation for the consent of the Note holders to eliminate substantially all of the restrictive and reporting covenants, certain events of default and certain other provisions contained in the indenture governing the notes (the “Consent Solicitation”). Holders who validly tendered Notes and delivered consents and did not validly withdraw such Notes or revoke such consents, at or prior to 5:00 p.m. New York City time on the Consent Date will receive the total consideration of $1,026.00 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes tendered (which payment includes a consent payment of $30.00 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes tendered), plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, from the last interest payment date to, but not including the applicable settlement date. The Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation will expire at 12:00 midnight New York City time on February 7, 2011, unless extended by the Company.

Additionally, Columbus McKinnon announced today the closing of their issuance of $150 million aggregate principal amount of their 7.875% Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2019 (the “Notes Offering”). The closing of the Notes Offering was a condition to Columbus McKinnon’s obligation to purchase Notes tendered in the Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation, and the proceeds of the Notes Offering were used in part to pay the purchase price for Notes tendered.