NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal published a story on how commodity prices are hitting your wallets.

According to the article, "A lot of manufacturers and retailers are expected to bump up prices this year on many basics -- from ribs to coffee to khaki pants -- as they pass along the escalating prices of the commodities, or raw materials, they use."

Then yesterday, the Dow just missed the 12,000 mark -- a level we haven't seen since 2008.

So, the prices of raw materials are rising in lock-step with publicly traded companies.

It would seem unlikely, if not impossible, that companies could become more profitable and so demand higher valuations in the stock market at the same time that they pay more for the raw materials that they use to run their businesses, manufacture products and provide services.

In other words, how can shares of McDonald's ( MCD) rise from $55 to over $75, while revenues stay relatively flat at the same time that their costs are rising?

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