Super Bowl accommodations
For those lucky enough to stumble into tickets or fervent enough about football to follow the Super Bowl just for the party, hotels booked solid for months shouldn't hamper your fun.

Jaime Dito, spokeswoman for vacation rental firm and Super Bowl advertiser HomeAway, notes that while travel demand for the Dallas/Fort Worth area has increased 163% in the year leading up to the Super Bowl, the number of available rental properties has grown by 140%. The value of those properties depends on just how much (or how long) a renter wants to be there, though.

The owner of a three-bedroom house in Arlington, just 1.7 miles from the stadium (and a half-mile from the ridiculously delicious Dickey's BBQ) is offering room for eight, a back patio with grill, a fireplace and full kitchen at $2,889 for the whole week leading up to the game. At $412-plus per night (or little more than $50 per person per night), that's as close to a bargain as this event offers.

By comparison, a two-bedroom, no-frills condo 600 feet from Cowboys Stadium fetches $3,000 for two nights, $4,000 for three and $4,800 for four -- not including a full-price security deposit. Slightly more comfortable accommodations in a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom condo with its own garage will set fans back $2,000 a night (with a four-night minimum), while a three-bedroom townhouse with a fireplace and room for six commands $10,000 for four nights with matching security deposit.

If you have the cash to spend, however, FlipKey spokesman Eric Horndahl suggests a five-bedroom, three bathroom, two-story home in Arlington with a two-car garage, fireplace, laundry, Wi-Fi and enough room for 10 for $2,500 a night. For all of those comforts without living in a glorified frat house for Super Bowl weekend, however, there's also a cozy one-bedroom triplex unit in a former Dallas mansion with a covered porch, fireplace and one-car garage for $200 to $500 a night.

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