Tech's Top 6 Celebrity CEOs

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Silicon Valley is no stranger to larger-than-life personalities, with many of its high-flying CEOs making regular appearances in national headlines, celebrity gossip columns, blockbuster movies and in NBA floor-level seats.

Case in point was last week's double whammy of CEO reshuffling news, with the departure of Apple ( AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs on medical leave and Google's ( GOOG) new management regime making multiple headlines around the world.

Besides being worth millions -- if not billions -- of dollars, the guys that head Oracle ( ORCL), Cisco ( CSCO), Microsoft ( MSFT) and Dell ( DELL) share another trait: Fiery personalities and the willingness to fire shots at each others' products and company direction.

From Steve Ballmer's adrenalin-fueled stage-bounding to Larry Ellison's carefully calculated rival-baiting, there are plenty of tech executives vying for the national spotlight.

Read on for more on TheStreet's top tech celebrity CEOs.

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