(Information on hybrids and Texas' proposed budget cuts updated in today's Hot Trends article.)

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- "Hybrids" is a hot search topic today as many automakers are developing new hybrid and electric cars.

Chrysler is working on a hybrid minivan that won't require batteries or an electric motor to operate.

The automaker and the Environmental Protection Agency announced on Wednesday that is building a hybrid Town and Country van that will operate on pumped-up hydraulic fluid.

Meanwhile, Toyota Motor ( TM) engineers are working on a lighter, more efficient motor for hybrid and electric cars that won't rely on rare-earth minerals.

"Education" is a heavily searched topic today following news that Texas may see a $5 billion cut to its public schools.

Lawmakers are proposing severe budget cuts to deal with the state's massive deficit while keeping its promise of no new taxes. It would include major cuts to arts education, pre-kindergarten programs and teacher incentive pay.

The budget draft is expected to be filed as legislation in the House by the end of this week.

"American Idol" is a trending search topic today after the tenth season premiere of the popular singing contest show aired on News Corporation's ( NWSA) Fox Network on Wednesday night.

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