By Michael Shulman of InvestorPlace

ROCKVILLE, MD. ( InvestorPlace) - When we were teenagers, it was all about fitting in. We needed the right clothes, the right hair, the right car. We looked up to the popular kids and would have done just about anything to get in their exclusive club.

Now that we're all grown up, it always amazes me when investors blindly follow the "popular" stocks, i.e., cult stocks, regardless of their fundamentals. And just like high school, while the ride may be fun for a while, eventually it will come to an end.

The stocks on this list have been immensely popular with investors, and while I'm not saying they couldn't go any higher, the upside potential in each is very limited, whereas the downside risk is substantial.

I used simple, back-of-the-envelope methods to calculate upside and downside targets for these cult stocks. First, I looked at the upside using the current trendline and past highs, and then looked at analyst estimates for real-world growth in the company. For the downside, I estimated the price based on a return of the valuation of the company to segment and market norms.

Yes, admittedly, this contains a lot of speculation and opinion, but any of these overpriced cult stocks could blow up on bad news. If I were you, I wouldn't drink the Kool-Aid. ( BIDU)

Current price: $106.25

Potential upside: $130

Potential downside: $20

China's leading search engine is the next Google ( GOOG), right? Currently above $105, the stock is up 40-fold from its 2005 IPO. Baidu is a great brand ... in China. End of story.

So if you believe the great China growth story is going to slow -- or even blow up like I do , and more importantly, like legendary short sellers Jim Chanos and Mark Hart do -- then Baidu will blow up with it. And with a P/E ratio of 88 and a market cap of $37 billion, this could mean a world of hurt for anyone who remains long the stock.

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