The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO) announced today the launch of SocialCode [;], a full-service agency focused on helping brands leverage the most advanced advertising and marketing techniques on Facebook®.

SocialCode’s proprietary tools and quantitative approach are available to help brands efficiently grow their fan base and engage those fans. The SocialCode team helps companies conduct advertising and message testing, as well as market research. Going beyond advertising, SocialCode helps companies strategically build their Facebook presence with competitive analysis, application development, Page management, social commerce and fan monetization. SocialCode is a participant in the beta Facebook Ads API program, which allows it to stay on top of the latest Facebook advancements.

SocialCode’s performance advertising technology and the quantitative, results-driven philosophy behind it were initially developed for internal use by The Washington Post Company. Recognizing that the technology and expertise could be useful to other companies, The Washington Post Company created SocialCode as a vehicle to offer these capabilities to the broader marketplace. SocialCode debuted with a soft launch in July 2010 by providing cutting-edge Facebook advertising techniques to close partners across a variety of industries. SocialCode enabled these launch partners to translate their marketing strategies into Facebook-savvy plans.

“SocialCode allows companies to capitalize on Facebook’s offerings. We know the technology and we know what works, so we can design campaigns that enable brands to make the most of their advertising and marketing dollars on Facebook,” said SocialCode general manager Laura Graham O’Shaughnessy.

“Facebook provides a dynamic, complex platform for advertisers and publishers alike, ripe with opportunity for all. The Washington Post Company is committed to being best of breed across all our business lines,” said Vijay Ravindran, senior vice president and chief digital officer of The Washington Post Company. “We’re excited to offer innovative services to the advertising community through SocialCode’s valuable technology and dedicated team.”

SocialCode is housed within The Washington Post Company’s Slate Group.

About SocialCode (;

The Washington Post Company’s SocialCode is an advertising company built on the Facebook Ads API that executes some of the most advanced advertising and marketing techniques on this highly engaged vehicle. SocialCode’s history of running ads at high volumes and experienced team allow SocialCode to effectively optimize Facebook inventory. SocialCode’s skilled front-end creative and performance-driven analytics team allow SocialCode to test faster and smarter on day one of any Facebook campaign.

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