In 2011, Symetra Life Insurance Company is celebrating its 35 th anniversary as a medical stop-loss insurance carrier. A stop-loss pioneer and industry leader, Symetra has built one of the largest medical stop-loss operations in the country.

“Symetra entered the medical stop-loss market in 1976 determined to bring creative, cost-effective health insurance solutions to employers,” said Michael Fry, executive vice president of Symetra’s Group Division. “Thirty-five years later, we remain committed to helping employers meet the challenges of a complex and evolving healthcare environment.”

Medical stop-loss insurance protects companies that self-fund their health insurance plans against large or catastrophic claims. Employers with stop-loss insurance are reimbursed for individual employees’ medical costs above a certain pre-determined dollar amount. Stop-loss insurance also protects against unexpectedly large amounts of total medical claims. In such a case, the coverage kicks in once a certain amount has been paid by a client toward all of its employee medical bills.

With last year’s passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), employer requirements continue to evolve, and Symetra’s stop-loss policy is changing with the times. Symetra now offers unlimited annual and lifetime benefits with medical stop-loss insurance coverage. Its updated policy (available in most states) provides greater flexibility to tailor policies by state and by individual employer, allowing the company to design coverage that addresses a client’s specific needs.

“At Symetra, we are closely monitoring new healthcare developments and identifying emerging issues so we can continue to deliver the best solutions to our employee benefits clients,” said Fry. “Given our industry leadership, financial stability and outstanding service, we believe we’re positioned well to successfully serve our stop-loss clients for the next 35 years.”

About Symetra

Symetra Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Symetra Financial Corporation (NYSE:SYA), a diversified financial services company based in Bellevue, Wash. In business since 1957, Symetra provides employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through a national network of benefit consultants, financial institutions, and independent agents and advisors. For more information, visit

Symetra medical stop-loss policies are insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company, 777 108 th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004 and are not available in all U.S. states or any U.S. territory.

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