4 Green Stars of the Detroit Auto Show

An earlier version of 4 Green Stars story included an incorrect sales number for Toyota's Prius. The number has been corrected.

DETROIT ( TheStreet) -- Green cars took center stage at the press preview of the Detroit Auto Show this week.

In fact, two of the Big Three U.S. automakers, Ford ( F) and Toyota ( TM), focused primarily on expanding electric-car families.

General Motors ( GM) had already rolled out the Volt with a massive publicity effort that included a national tour. At the show, GM CEO Dan Akerson told reporters: "The Volt will help us change how people think about Chevrolet."

Meanwhile, Tesla ( TSLA) opened the door a little wider on its Model S sedan, showing more of the engineering features in a "body in white" display.

Edmunds.com senior editor John O'Dell, who oversees the company's blog, GreenCarAdvisor.com, notes that in Detroit, 11 manufacturers showed plug-in models, of which only three -- the Volt, the Tesla Roadster and the Smart ED -- are actually on sale in limited markets.

Here are the four top green cars at the show.

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