By Kevin McElroy

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Today, there are two huge trends that are about to benefit one small sector more than any other.

First, I'll tell you the trends so you can connect the dots -- and I'll give you one way to invest.

The first trend is somewhat well known. It goes like this: when interest rates in the United States begin to rise, the Japanese stock market tends to outperform.

You can see this trend in action in the somewhat complicated table below:

(thanks to the Pragmatic Capitalist for this table)

So right now there's no arguing that United States bond yields are on the rise.

Japanese stocks and American bonds don't seem very correlated, but one of the main reasons Japan benefits from higher bond yields is that higher rates in the U.S. puts downward pressure on the Japanese yen, making Japanese goods relatively less expensive around the globe.

There are other causative factors, but that's the simplest explanation of how it works.

That brings me to the second trend that you'd be hard-pressed to disagree with: higher oil prices.

There are billions of reasons why oil prices are rising -- maybe trillions. I won't go into all of them, but very briefly: the better part of one billion people in China will begin using more and more oil in the coming decade.

Also, the United States Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars to counteract slowed growth. As Energy Economist Jeff Rubin says, "Fiscal stimulus is no substitute for cheap oil."

Both of these factors and many more will contribute to higher oil prices.

So the obvious conclusion? Look for Japanese companies with upside leverage to higher oil prices.

And I found one. It's in a specialized sector of oil production: deep sea drilling. Most people think of ExxonMobil ( XOM) or BP ( BP) as a way to benefit from higher oil prices. But those companies tend to be so big and diversified that they lag gains made in the price of oil.

The best way to profit from higher oil prices is to find companies that make more money the higher oil goes.

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