Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. (NYSE: WHG) announced that it closed the WHG SMidCap Fund (WHGMX) to new investors to protect the interests of existing clients and shareholders. The successful growth of SMidCap has resulted in the strategy reaching its asset capacity; however, the fund will continue to accept additional investments from existing shareholders.

Westwood also announced the filing of a registration statement with the SEC for the WHG SMidCap Plus+ Fund, which will be managed by the same investment team as the WHG SMidCap Fund. The new fund will offer investors a strategy that considers small- and mid-cap companies with market capitalizations between $2 billion and $15 billion and will not generally invest in securities with market capitalizations below $2 billion.

Due to institutional demand, Westwood launched its SMidCap Plus+ strategy in July 2010. Small to mid size companies have been an attractive area of the stock market, and Westwood has a long term track record of investing in these securities.

The WHG SMidCap Plus+ mutual fund will be offered with a total expense ratio capped at 1.00%. Fee waivers are contractual through February 28, 2013. The total annual operating expense would otherwise be 1.82%.

About Westwood

Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. manages investment assets and provides services for its clients through two subsidiaries, Westwood Management Corp. and Westwood Trust. Westwood Management Corp. is a registered investment advisor and provides investment advisory services to corporate pension funds, public retirement plans, endowments, foundations, the WHG Funds, other mutual funds and clients of Westwood Trust. Westwood Trust provides trust services and participation in common trust funds that it sponsors to institutions and high net worth individuals. Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “WHG.”

For more information on Westwood, please visit www.westwoodgroup.com.

For more information on the WHG Funds, please visit www.whgfunds.com.

Mutual fund investing involves risk including loss of principal. There is no assurance that the fund will meet its stated objectives. There are specific risks inherent in small cap investing such as greater share price volatility as compared to other funds that invest in stocks of companies with larger and potentially more stable market capitalizations.