HUTCHINSON, Minn., Jan. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hutchinson Technology Incorporated (Nasdaq:HTCH) today announced that it has commenced an offer to exchange or purchase, at the election of each holder and subject to the limitations described below, up to $75,294,000 of its 3.25% Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2026 (the "Old Notes"). The purpose of the tender/exchange offer is to improve the Company's financial flexibility by extending the first repurchase (at the option of the holder) date of a portion of the Company's convertible indebtedness and to reduce the Company's overall indebtedness by retiring some of the Old Notes.

Under the terms and subject to the conditions of the tender/exchange offer, for each validly tendered and accepted $1,000 principal amount of Old Notes, an eligible holder may elect to receive:

(1) $1,000 principal amount of a new series of 8.50% Convertible Senior Notes due 2026 (the "New Notes"), provided that if the amount of Notes tendered exceeds $40 million in aggregate principal amount, the Company will accept the Old Notes tendered for exchange on a pro rata basis;

(2) a cash payment of $850, provided that if the cash required to purchase all of the Old Notes tendered exceeds $30 million, the Company will accept the Old Notes tendered for purchase on a pro rata basis, and any Old Notes not accepted for purchase will be exchanged for New Notes, subject to the $40 million limit described above, as if such holders had elected to exchange their Old Notes for New Notes; or

(3) a combination of the first two options, subject to the $40 million aggregate principal amount limit and the $30 million cash payment limit.

The Company also will pay in cash all accrued and unpaid interest on Old Notes tendered by holders, and accepted by the Company, for exchange or purchase pursuant to the tender/exchange offer up to but excluding the settlement date.