MV Oil Trust (NYSE: MVO) announced the Trust distribution of Net Profits for the fourth quarterly payment period ended December 31, 2010.

Unitholders of record on January 18, 2011 will receive a distribution amounting to $7,762,500 or $0.675 per unit payable January 25, 2011.

Volumes, price and Net Profits for the payment period were:
Volume (BOE) 235,300
Proceeds (BOE) $67.91
Gross Proceeds $15,979,596
Costs $6,990,693
Net Profits $8,988,903
Percentage applicable to Trust’s 80%
Net Profits Interest $7,191,122
Decrease in MV Partners’ Reserve for Future

Capital Expenditures(1)
Total cash proceeds available for the Trust $7,941,122
Provision for estimated Trust expenses ($178,622)

Net cash proceeds available for distribution



(1) Although MV Partners has released $750,000 reserved for future capital expenditures, it can reserve at any time up to an aggregate of $1.0 million.