By San Antonio Business Journal

Texas drivers continue to pay more at the pump.

If there is any good news, itâ¿¿s that the rate of increase has slowed in the first week of 2011.

The state average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Texas increased one cent over the last week, from $2.91 to $2.92, according to a new AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch report.

Texans can blame the higher gas prices on the rising cost of crude oil.

In early November 2010, a barrel of oil was trading at $81, according to AAA Texas. It has since increased to nearly $91 a barrel.

Increased global demand for fuel is also a factor, say oil analysts.

The average price nationally for a gallon of regular unleaded gas has now hit the $3.08 mark, meaning Texans are paying 16 cents less per gallon on average.

The price of gas in San Antonio is now up to $2.88 per gallon. Thatâ¿¿s two cents more than drivers paid a week ago.

In July of 2008, the price of gas hit a record high in San Antonio at $3.97 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

The least expensive gas in Texas is in El Paso at $2.87 per gallon. Thatâ¿¿s a two-cent increase compared to last week.

The most expensive gas is in Texarkana, where a gallon of regular fuel now costs $2.95 per gallon â¿¿ also up two cents from last week.

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