(Information on interest rates and the PlayStation 3 hack updated in today's Hot Trends article.)

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- "Interest rates" is a heavily searched topic today following news that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A) sold $1.5 billion of mostly fixed rate debt, signaling that longer-term interest rates may be on the rise.

Bloomberg reported that a unit of Berkshire issued $750 million of 10-year, 4.25% notes and $375 million of 3-year, 1.5% notes.

Some reports interpret Buffett's action as an indication that the U.S. economy is improving.

PlayStation 3 is a trending search topic on the Internet today following reports that Sony's ( SNE) gaming system has been hacked.

According to Sony Insider, a group of German hackers, known as fail0verflow, broke through the PS3 security and gained access to Sony's private software keys.

Sony says that fail0verflow's goal was likely to restore the Linux operating system on PS3 after it was removed from the console last year. The hackers now have access to the PS3 firmware which could allow game files burned onto a Blu-ray disc to work the same as a PS3 retail disc does.

HDTV is a hot search topic today after Vizio announced a new lineup of HDTVs yesterday.

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