Quit smoking
Oddly, this is the resolution that's supposed to save consumers money by kicking their per-pack habit. According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans spent roughly $84 million on cigarettes in 2006 alone. Last year, the American smokers paid $4.80 a pack on average, which is roughly $1,750 on a pack-a-day habit that doesn't include the $1.01 federal cigarette tax and an average of $1.44 in state cigarette taxes.

Unless you're quitting cold turkey or using free support systems such as Web and phone counseling or classes and 12-step programs, costs can run from $200 to $300 for nicotine patches and medication to nearly $3,000 for therapy or nicotine inhalers. Some health care plans cover this and, though uncovered solutions are monetarily costlier than the habit itself, the CDC says the 13 to 14 years of life that nonsmokers have over smokers -- on average -- is worth the investment.

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