The Board of Trustees of each of the Invesco closed-end funds listed below today declared the following dividends.





Name of Closed-End Management Investment Company  


Income Dividend Amount Per Share (monthly)
Invesco California Insured Municipal Income Trust   IIC   $0.06250
Invesco California Quality Municipal Securities   IQC   $0.06500
Invesco High Yield Investments Fund   MSY   $0.04500
Invesco Insured California Municipal Securities   ICS   $0.05000
Invesco Insured Municipal Bond Trust   IMC   $0.06750
Invesco Insured Municipal Income Trust   IIM   $0.07250
Invesco Insured Municipal Securities   IMS   $0.04750
Invesco Insured Municipal Trust   IMT   $0.07250
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust   OIA   $0.03500
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust II   OIB   $0.03875
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust III   OIC   $0.04250
Invesco Municipal Premium Income Trust   PIA   $0.04500
Invesco New York Quality Municipal Securities   IQN   $0.06000
Invesco Quality Municipal Income Trust   IQI   $0.07125
Invesco Quality Municipal Investment Trust   IQT   $0.07125
Invesco Quality Municipal Securities Trust   IQM   $0.07000
Invesco Van Kampen Advantage Municipal Income Trust II   VKI   $0.0730
Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund   VBF   $0.0800
Invesco Van Kampen California Value Municipal Income Trust   VCV   $0.0760
Invesco Van Kampen Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund   VTA   $0.0857
Invesco Van Kampen High Income Trust II   VLT   $0.1160
Invesco Van Kampen Massachusetts Value Municipal Income Trust   VMV   $0.0700
Invesco Van Kampen Municipal Opportunity Trust   VMO   $0.0860
Invesco Van Kampen Municipal Trust   VKQ   $0.0800
Invesco Van Kampen Ohio Quality Municipal Trust   VOQ   $0.0850
Invesco Van Kampen Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust   VPV   $0.0750
Invesco Van Kampen Select Sector Municipal Trust   VKL   $0.0730
Invesco Van Kampen Senior Income Trust   VVR   $0.0240
Invesco Van Kampen Trust for Insured Municipals   VIM   $0.0710
Invesco Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade Municipals   VGM   $0.0880
Invesco Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade New Jersey Municipals   VTJ   $0.0900
Invesco Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade New York Municipals   VTN   $0.0840

For more information, call 1-800-341-2929.

The amount of dividends paid by each fund may vary from time to time. Past amounts of dividends are no guarantee of future dividend payment amounts.