Park City Group (NYSE Amex: PCYG), a Software-as-a-Service provider of unique supply chain solutions for retailers and their suppliers, today announced that it has been selected by D’Agostino Supermarkets, one of the oldest and most prominent grocers in New York City, for a turnkey retail supply chain solution. The platform provided to D’Agostino Supermarkets includes Park City Group’s Scan Based Trading (SBT) to enable supplier flexibility in delivering, stocking and managing inventory in stores located in some of the most congested city locations in the nation.

“Doing business in New York City is very competitive and challenging and we need to stay at the forefront of the market to provide the highest level of service and a superior shopping experience for our customers. The selection of Park City Group’s turnkey solution provides us with a competitive edge in working with our suppliers to ensure our shelves are stocked and our information systems capture the data necessary to maximize our performance and results,” said Nick D’Agostino III of D’Agostino Supermarkets.

“D’Agostino’s has been the supermarket of distinction in New York for more than 78 years and we are pleased that Park City Group has been selected to assist in continuing its tradition of excellence,” said Randall K. Fields, Chairman & CEO of Park City Group. “Whether a store is large or small or in a major city or remote suburb, Park City Group is increasingly becoming the technology partner of choice among supermarkets throughout the country.”

Scan Based Trading provides retail trading partners with a distinct competitive advantage through scan sales visibility that sets the supply chain in motion and is a proven procurement strategy that guarantees sales results and minimizes or eliminates inventory. The SBT-based solution from Park City Group aligns the interests of retailer and supplier directing the focus where it belongs: stocked shelves and increased sales. By employing Park City Group’s collaborative SBT solution, D’Agostino Markets will also have shared visibility with its suppliers of store/item level shrink, perpetual inventory and accurate daily point-of-sale data.