Universal Power Group, Inc. (NYSE Amex: UPG), today announced the launch of its new “Ecotricity” line of portable solar-powered products and unveiled the line’s initial product: the Ecotricity ECO1800 solar-powered generator.

The Ecotricity ECO1800 features an 1800W inverter with four 120V outlets and a 50-foot cord that is ideal for generating environmentally friendly home backup power, emergency power and remote power for both indoor and outdoor use. The ECO1800 features a high-efficiency solar panel designed to enable quick system recharge without the noise or harmful emissions typically associated with portable gas-powered generators. The unit includes a cart that allows the foldable solar panel to be easily transported and positioned for optimal exposure to solar rays. The Ecotricity ECO1800 is also flexible, allowing for solar charging, or charging through standard DC or AC outlets. Best of all, it is a true “plug-and-play” product – ready to use right out of the box with no installation required.

The new generator can be fully charged in 12 “sun hours” from its solar panel, so on a camping trip the generator can be charged during the day and used to power lanterns and radios in the evening through its 1800W of continuous AC power. When it comes to home backup and emergency power, the ECO1800 can supply power to refrigerators, TVs, radios and mobile phone chargers during a power outage, as well as emergency power for lights, garage doors and sump pumps to help mitigate the impact of storms. In an emergency, a fully charged unit can provide up to four hours of emergency power for a cordless phone, television, clock radio and lamp. The ECO1800 is also ideal for small office use as it can power a cordless phone, printer, laptop computer and wireless router for up to 10 hours in the event of an outage.

The Ecotricity line of solar products marks UPG’s initial efforts into more environmentally conscious “green” products. Over time, the Company plans to introduce additional products that take advantage of alternative power sources, such as solar, to help consumers reduce carbon emissions. These new products and initiatives supplement UPG’s existing battery recycling programs that divert used batteries from landfills each year.

“The Ecotricity ECO1800 is the first of what we anticipate will be multiple new products capable of providing portable power in an environmentally conscious way, as we seek to make a difference while powering lives,” said UPG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Ian Edmonds. “Our entire Ecotricity line will be focused on products that are as convenient and useful as they are green. The ECO1800 provides an ideal alternative to noisy, gas-powered emergency generators and is also perfect for recreational uses, from camping and outdoor events to tailgating at your favorite game.”

The Ecotricity ECO1800 will be available through automotive, mass merchandise and other retailers beginning next spring. Future Ecotricity products, including solar-powered plug-and-play power hub variations, are also scheduled to be introduced in 2011.

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