10 Dumbest Things on Wall Street in 2010 (Part 2)

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series on the 10 Dumbest Things on Wall Street in 2010. Click here for the 10 Dumbest Things on Wall Street in 2010, Part 1.)

Moron of the Year: Tony Hayward

For several months during the summer of 2010, then-BP (BP) CEO Tony Hayward was the Energizer Bunny of Idiocy. Indeed, without Hayward's copious -- and odious -- verbal gaffes, the 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street column would, many weeks, have been the 4 Dumbest Things on Wall Street. Still, seven weeks after the Deepwater Horizon Drilling Explosion, and its resulting horrific Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Hayward delivered what would prove to be the epitaph on his executive gravestone....

Originally published on June 4 -- If only BP chief executive Tony Hayward could force a plug into his leaky oil well as firmly as he shoved his foot in his mouth, then this oil-spill nightmare would be over.

The embattled oil executive said in a Sunday interview that he would "like my life back," even as the massive oil spill continued to cause ecological havoc along the Gulf coast. Hayward later apologized in a post to BP America's Facebook page saying he made a "hurtful and thoughtless comment."

"When I read that recently, I was appalled," wrote Hayward.

You weren't the only one, dude. Eleven rig workers died on the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon drilling platform when it exploded on April 20, and you can bet their loved ones would give anything to get those lives back as well.

"Those words don't represent how I feel about this tragedy, and certainly don't represent the hearts of the people of BP -- many of whom live and work in the Gulf -- who are doing everything they can to make things right," said Hayward.

Look, we understand the pressure Hayward is under to fix this thing. We know it can't be easy on him.

But all these botched solutions have worn out our patience as well. So hopefully the world will understand what we mean when we tell Tony to "get a life."

TheStreet Says: You know who else wished they could "get a life?" Oil-soaked pelicans, egrets, loggerhead turtles... Gulf Coast business owners...

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