It's not that some form of economic stimulus isn't or wasn't necessary. Rather, it's the fact that neither party could agree on where to tighten the government's fiscal belt. Erskine Bowles, co-chair of Obama's deficit commission, put it this way: "I'm deeply disappointed that we have this short-term deal and it's not linked to long-term fiscal restraint."

So which ETFs might fit Bowles' paradigm? Perhaps he'd prefer nations with budget surpluses and ETFs from Chile ( ECH), South Korea ( EWY) and New Zealand ( ENZL).

Possibility No. 3 -- Bond yields soared on higher U.S. inflation

Of course, this one's all in the definition. The Federal Reserve likes the Consumer Price Index and it also likes core CPI to exclude food and energy. Yet most Americans look at the price of gasoline, coffee, health care, college, food at the grocery store and thinks, "My dollars aren't stretching as far as they used to."

Enter Peter Schiff, an outspoken financial personality who believes inflation is the reason for rising bond yields -- inflation that is instantaneously created when the Fed electronically prints money. QE2, then, would be Schiff's explanation for the sudden rise in bond yields.

However, Schiff thoroughly disputes the notion that you can exclude food and energy over time, and that anyone looking at commodity prices from metals to agriculture to oil recognizes that inflation is very real. Schiff-like thinkers should stick with resource-related assets that act as inflation hedges, from gold ( GLD) to silver ( SLV) , as well as a dollar bearish fund like PowerShares Dollar Bearish ( UDN).
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