Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (OTCBB: TPAC) announced today that Airline Stock Review has released a comprehensive report that fully summarizes the company’s activities and near-term market prospects in China. It is available for download at

“Written for small cap and institutional investors, this research report is essentially ‘everything you always wanted to know’ about Trans-Pacific Aerospace,” said Bill McKay, the company’s CEO.

“And as we approach our goal of launching our self-lubricating spherical bearing products for commercial aircraft, via our China based manufacturing and assembly facility, it’s important for the community to know what makes us beyond competitive and the significant milestones we’ve reached.”

The research report also analyzes Trans-Pacific Aerospace’s sole source business model, product demand in China, and provides profiles on the company’s management and advisory board team.

Roland Rick Perry, editor of Airline Stock Review, commented: "What makes this such a great read is being able to watch in near real time the progression of a California start-up entering into a component market which is estimated to generate $1.5 billion in annual revenues, yet which is currently controlled by a handful of players who have steadfastly refused to share technology or partner with any Chinese concerns. Trans-Pacific’s decision to break with tradition is expected to be widely watched by aircraft suppliers across four continents."

Having successfully completed wear tests in California and surpassing minimum qualification requirements imposed under the qualification specification SAE-AS81820, the Trans-Pacific Aerospace engineering and quality control team will depart for China in January 2011, with production for qualification of the Guangzhou China facility commencing immediately thereafter. Qualification test parts will be submitted to Independent Testing Laboratories for first-pass testing in February, and to the U.S. Navy in mid-March. The company expects qualification approval from the Navy on or about May 1, 2011.