CEO Resigns. Employs Haiku to Do So. Makes Ass of Himself.

CEOs saying stupid things has long been a cornerstone of the 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street column. But few have surpassed the sheer tone-deafness of outgoing Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Originally published on Feb. 12 -- All we can say is: What a twit.

Sun Microsystems ( JAVA) CEO Jonathan Schwartz, who took the top job in 2006, announced his resignation on Twitter late last week. And not just any old tweet, Schwartz let his followers know his plans to step down via the Japanese poetry form known as haiku.
Schwartz Signs Off

"Financial crisis, Stalled too many customers, CEO no more," wrote Schwartz.

Oh grow up, Jon would you?

We wrote off the ponytail and academic look as Silicon Valley chic. We rolled our eyes at the lengthy fireside chats on "Jonathan's Blog." And we generally left you alone as you jumped from savior to savior -- IBM ( IBM) to Hewlett-Packard ( HPQ) and finally into the arms of Oracle ( ORCL) -- when it was clear you weren't taking your company anywhere by yourself.

But after the thousands of firings at Sun that preceded the $7.4 billion buyout, the least you could do is to act with a modicum of corporate decorum before exiting with your $12 million severance package in tow. Trust us, your legion of 9,000 Twitter followers would not dismiss you as a corporate sellout had you signed off like a normal executive, with a normal statement.

Your decision to leave in such an offhanded, blase manner, however, was more jerky than quirky. More fool than cool.

How's that for poetry?

TheStreet Says: Another haiku: Those who dabble in haikus ... are inherently lame.

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